Friday, February 13, 2015



Mark Roberts on being like God:
So, we are to be like God in many ways. We are to imitate God in holiness, by living in a way that is different from what is common in our fallen world. We are to imitate God in righteousness, by obeying God so that our relationships are just and healthy. Yet, we are not to be like God in omniscience. There is some knowledge that is reserved for God alone. And we are not like God in ultimate sovereignty. Unlike God, we are called to obey one who is greater than we are. God obeys no one. We obey the one, true God, living our whole lives in service and submission to him.
How often to we want to be like God in righteousness and yet we also want to be sovereign over our own lives as well? It is truly amazing to me that those things are pretty much mutually exclusive. We cannot ever be righteous if we are sovereign becasue whatever righteousness we might lay claim to is entirely derivative. This maybe Satan's greatest tool. We so want to be good, but we so want to control.

And yet even God was a servant. Is this not exactly what happened with Christ's crucifixion? He served us. Even the sovereign God serves. If we are to be like God, we too must serve.


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