Thursday, February 12, 2015


Moving Past the "Protest" In Protestantism

Chaplain Mike on a Internet flame war of a while back:
As far as I’m concerned the war is over. Of course, there is plenty to talk about, many areas of debate, and much work to be done to clarify the faith. But we are on the same side. So much has changed in the Roman Catholic church, especially since Vatican II, that it is ridiculous to rely upon old, tired formulas and stereotypes and to think we are accomplishing anything worthwhile by continuing to hide behind thick walls of separation. To do so is not only shoddy thinking, but it is also uncharitable to our brothers and sisters in Christ and unhealthy for our own spiritual well being.


I also continue to take C.S. Lewis’s iconic illustration of the Great Hall and rooms from the preface of Mere Christianity as my fundamental perspective on questions like this. No one is suggesting that we have to give up our own rooms wherein we find fellowship and fuller agreement. I’m just saying we should also spend some time in the Great Hall together, recognizing and welcoming one another as fellow Christians. We may and indeed do differ significantly in our convictions and practices, but in the Great Hall can’t we find a place to mingle, unthreatened by each other and open to learning from each other?
The church universal is under fire in this nation, and we want to pick nits with other Christians? The plain fact of the matter is Protestantism is losing in America, we founded the nation and now we have lost it. Only the Roman Catholic Church stands tall enough to begin to stem the tide that threatens to drown us. And we want to call them the enemy?! That does not sound like claiming victory in Christ to me.

Th devil's greatest success is our being our own worst enemy.


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