Tuesday, February 17, 2015


The Faults With The Commerical Model

This is something that Michael brought up often, but the worship music industry is weird. Every album can’t just be a collection of songs that draw the listeners and performers to worship, reflecting on God. It has to be “The Most Powerful and Prophetic Worship Albums of the Decade” where a song “actually releases a breakthrough anointing into the atmosphere.” I fully expect some CCM worship band in the next few years to claim that dead people will come to life again if you play their albums at a funeral. 
Worship, or any other genuine spiritual state is not something you can buy, rent or borrow. It comes from within us.

And yet, when churches compete in the commercial marketplace, how else do you market it. If you think about it, this phenomena has been true since the Reformation, it's just been based on theological or ecclesiastical claims instead of mood claims.

The problem is that what we offer cannot be contained in any of those classes nor can it be purchased with money or intellect. Owning Michael Jackson's clothes does not make you Michael Jackson. True Christianity is a transformation from the inside out, it involves submission to not acquisition of.


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