Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Truth In Cliche'

Christian Post has a video of a "Christian comedian" (I think that's what they say when the only gigs they can get are in church.) giving all the advice normally given to Christian singles. It is mockery, pure and simple - as if to say, "This stuff is useless drivel, you just don't know me or where I am." As if something being cliche' means it is just not true.

Well, I have news for you friends, cliche's are usually true. I too during my single years (which extended a lot longer than this guy's to date) resented hearing those cliche's. But guess what, in the retrospect of 19 years of marriage, every one of them is true - and they applied to me when spoken to me. I was single for a reason and I am now married only through the grace of God and my wife.

Maybe, just maybe, if you stopped concentrating on the fact that the advice is cliche' and just listened to the truth contained within the cliche' you might not be single anymore.

Just sayin'.


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