Monday, March 30, 2015


Living in Light

Mark Roberts:
Ephesians 5:8 echoes the language of Isaiah, and in so doing we become part of the biblical story. But now, those who live without God are not just in darkness. They are darkness. And those who live with God are not just in the light. They are light
I heard it preached recently that many of us think that our justification by faith means that God does not care about our sin any more. How errant a concept. God came to destroy our sin, rip it from us and remake us into being that are sinless. I love the way Mark Roberts puts that here, make us into beings of light.

That's something pretty amazing to live up to, existing as a being of light. I sure do fail at that every day - bet you do too. But do we realize that?

You know to get away with God does not care about our sin, we have to think that they are pretty minor sins. Most of us don't think too much about the slights that might happen in our relationships, but it's a different story when we are deeply and grievously wronged. By thinking that God does not think much about our sins, we fail to understand that our sins wrong Him in the worst possible way.

More, when you look at a burning light bulb, do you see spots of dark? If you do, I bet you change it. We don't want bits of darkness in our light do we? Should we not be working to expunge them?

It's high time we dealt with sin, not just the fashionable sin of the moment, but the sin that is rooted deep, deep in us. The sin that prevents God from finally breaking through. The sin we are most afraid to look at ourselves.

That's what the love of God is really about - we need not fear to look at it. He loves us enought o help us deal with it.


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