Friday, March 13, 2015


What Are God's Wonders?

Mark Roberts discusses the 'wonders of God':
Psalm 105 begins with a call to praise the Lord (v. 1). It adds that we should sing praise to him (v. 2), rejoice (v. 3), and seek his face (v. 4). Then we come upon an imperative that governs the rest of this lengthy psalm: "Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles, and the judgments he pronounced" (v. 5). The final 40 verses of this psalm do just this, reciting God's faithfulness in the history of Israel.

...Howard is ready to trust God even more. "Inevitably," he writes, "such a review overwhelms me with God's faithfulness, and makes my current bad patch no huge problem—at all—for Him."

He sums up the value of remembering God's wonders in this way: "All history—world history, Holy History, church history, plus your personal history and mine—tells us that God is dependably loving and good. You can rest your weary bones in that fact!" How true! Thanks be to God.
I have also been told I need to get into nature to appreciate God's wonders. Likewise the great art museums of Europe. I have personally wondered at God when coming to understand the operation of the atom. I could go on.

I am forced to ponder the precise nature of God's "wonders." The simple fact of the matter is that all of creation and all of history is a wonder of God. That's part of what makes the word "wonder" to describe things just perfect. You see, its not about what is being observed, but about the attitude of the observer.

What do you wonder at? The more you wonder at, the more you are attributing that thing to God and the more He then becomes Lord of your life. The more you attribute to God, the more reliable He becomes, for the more you attribute to Him the more His amazing capabilities become apparent.

I like the word "wonder" because when we wonder at something, we know we cannot replicate nor control it. It is just a little past our understanding.

Would that we would learn that everything is a it beyond our capability.


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