Thursday, March 26, 2015


Yeah! Why?

Mark Roberts on why we confess:
A quick answer to this question might simply quote biblical imperatives that tell us to confess our sins (for example, James 5:16). Or, we might note that people throughout Scripture confess their sins, so we should follow their example.

But, deeper reflection suggests that, as the saying goes, “confession is good for the soul,” and even more than just the soul. Truly, our forgiveness comes from God’s grace in Christ, expressed in Christ’s death for us. We don’t earn forgiveness by confessing. But, when we tell God what we have done to dishonor him, we open our souls to receiving our forgiveness in ways we cannot comprehend. What is ours in truth becomes ours in experience.
I agree there is a supernatural element to confession that something happens there that is out of our reach in some fashion. However, I don't think appeal to such is going to have much affect in the many faith communities that overemphasize grace and under-emphasize our sin. If they were interested in the supernatural aspects of Christianity, they would not have the issues they have.

Certainly there is a practical reason why we confess. There is, a mistake admitted is a mistake unlikely to be repeated. Confession is the difference between cheap grace and transformative grace. It's just that simple. Forget the theology for a minute and concentrate on the simple reality. We may never understand the theology, but we can deal in the practicality.

Go and confess. Yo may find your life improves.


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