Friday, April 03, 2015



"What do you want?" was a question that Jesus loved to ask of people. There may have been many reasons behind his question. Maybe, by having them name their desires, Jesus was also nudging them to identify the hesitations and fears that obstructed their transformation. Maybe Jesus was calling the sin and sin-sick into the necessary commitment that change always requires of us as we participate with God. But no doubt Jesus was putting before them a great risk, the risk that is involved in prayer at its best: to admit our desires and believe that God wants something for our great good.
I know so many people that WANT but have no idea what it is they long for. I love the fact that this paragraph is hinting that to name our desire is to confess to our wrong-headed desire. As with all manifestations of sin, we cannot do away with it until we name it.

Here then is Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount discussing "lust in the heart." God wishes to change us so fundamentally that He changes what we desire at the deepest levels. But to do that we have confess that our desires are sinful as much as acting upon them. That is total surrender. You give up not just doing bad thing, but wanting to do bad things.

Are you willing to let God in that deeply?


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