Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Eating Together

Godspace talks about the need to slow down and enjoy community:
How much, I wonder, does our fast food, TV dinner lifestyle disconnect us from Christ and God’s family? Eating alone, isolated from our human families, unaware of where our food comes from and of those who have produced it, strips us of both our humanity and our divinity. To be made in the image of God means to eat together with friends and strangers alike. It means to make the excluded feel included, as Jesus did by sitting down with the tax collector. It means to see abundance when others see scarcity, as is demonstrated by the feeding of the 5,000. And it means to be caught up in a foretaste of the kingdom banquet feast, as the first disciples were when they ate the last supper together.
A little overly poetic for my taste, but I agree with the sentiment. Community matters and dining together is part of community. I find it amazing she can talk about this and not bring up the sacrament of communion.... But that is a little beef - I have a big beef:
Perhaps its time we all joined the Slow Food movement, a global, grassroots organization linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to their community and the environment.
Why does a pastor have to move from building the community in their church to a p[political cause? Why is the community building not enough? Why does it have to come with environmental overtones?

Isn't that one way the gospel gets corrupted? When we add agendas to the clearly defined agendas of Christ? Getting Christianity right is so hard, do we really need to burden ourselves with other things?


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