Monday, April 13, 2015


God and Pleasure

Mark Roberts:
As I reflect on this passage from Ephesians, I find myself more and more impressed by something I might easily have taken for granted. Verse 10 says that we are to "find out what pleases the Lord." This verse assumes that we have the capacity to please God. Or, to put it differently, God has the capacity to take pleasure in us.

Do you realize that you can give God pleasure?
Mark goes on to bust some stereos types about displeasing God, etc. But I want to ask a different question. When are you most pleased with other people? I know for me it is when I laugh with them. Have you ever laughed with God?

Have you ever found a silly or absurd or downright laughable situation and turned to God with your jocular response? Right when you are feeling a bit down has a pet ever done something really silly and you had to chuckle, lightening your mood? That is God at work, and He is chuckling with you. Sometimes things like how cans are arranged on a shelf can be humorous - you bet God is trying to elect a chortle from you.

Take the time to enjoy it.


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