Tuesday, April 21, 2015



Justin Taylor discusses how stories work. There is much discussion of that these days. As story-telling, particularly visual storytelling is becoming the primary form of communication, how do we communicate the gospel to the world in that medium? Says Taylor:
As for making a statement, a novelist hit the nail on the head when he said that in order for storytellers to tell a story they must have some picture of the world, and of what is right and wrong in that world.
He's right - stories have a worldview.

BUT...Christianity is much more than just a worldview. How do we communicated the fullness and richness of the gospel in a story? Or is it enough to communicate a worldview that says there is more than stories in hopes that the consumer of the story will then turn and go elsewhere? (I've read stories like that - they suck.)

Some claim the gospel is just narrative, but is that really true? That would pretty much have the Bible ending at Acts and leaving our large expository parts of the Old Testament.

Perhaps we have been too pedantic in our approach to faith in the last decades, but we cannot abandon it altogether.


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