Wednesday, April 08, 2015


Truth and Myth

Milt Stanley pulls the following from a CT article:
The obstacle to the gospel at a cultural level is the increasing incompatibility of an emerging American mythology that increasingly centers the story of the human self around a radicalized, sexualized interpretation of humanity. Pornography, homosexuality, and debauchery in general are creating a new understanding of the human self and human relationships.
Making mythology is part of making culture. When the church abandons its desire to affect culture (see yesterday's post) it gives up on "making the myths" that shape understanding. Of course evangelism will get harder.

Winning culture is not winning people to Jesus, but it sure does make it easier. But we cannot see past the end of our own noses. We don;t seem to care about anything larger than our own little circle. Maybe that is the ultimate bad effect of Facebook?

God's plan is indeed one person at a time, but that is not going to happen if we only focus on our immediate surroundings. We need to think a little bigger than that.


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