Thursday, May 28, 2015


Another Cultural Front

The NYT carried a piece called "The Dark Side of Sharing." It's all about "sharing economy" the internet was supposed to facilitate and how t may or may not facilitate "community." It seems to lament hat the various internet communities may end up *shudder* competing with one another.

The worldview contained in this op-ed is, to my way of thinking, frightening. All the talk about a "sharing economy" on the internet smelled of socialism to me. The authors fears of "Competing communities" is precisely what happened with communism. What's the old adgae? "Those who do not study history are doomed...."

All of this involves a really warped view of charity and sharing. As Christians we worry about abortion and same-sex marriage, but do we worry about deeper things? Things that shape the world's view of really fundamental stuff like "sharing." I read this piece and I see another front in the culture wars.

And I weep.

The church's failure to truly affect this culture is deeply frightening. All the money time and effort we have put into trying to evangelize the nation and the world and we seem to be failing in such myriad and miserable ways. My only solace lies in God's sovereignty - which is a lot of solace. But I cannot help but wonder when the church will wake up to all that is happening around us and start to get serious.

I am not smart enough to know how to fix all this, but one thing I do know. Like the movement started by Christ, it will not happen with a large organization of vast resources. It will spring up from a few deeply committed individuals that simply want to get it right. I pray that I can be such an agent in my immediate surroundings.


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