Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Is Discipleship Really That Shallow?

Ron Edmondson lists "10 Indications a Church is Making Disciples." A few examples:

The church takes care of each other well.

The leaders of the church are most likely to give up “their” seats, park further from the building, or do whatever is necessary to help the Body.

Members care that others needs are met more than their own.

These are all good things, really good things, but somehow listing them in this fashion just seems wrong. Listing them this way creates a legalistic spin on what should be deep and abiding character change.

I've been in situations where people compete to see who can do more of stuff like this - which ends up not being very disciple-like at all. Real Discipleship will be achieved when this things happens as a matter of course and not as a result on expectation or admonishment. That is how deeply Jesus wants to affect us - so that not only are we a really nice servant, but so that we don;t notice when we are a really nice servant.

I have also seen people in response to lists like this turn into some sort of milquetoast. That is not God's intention either. Humility and service do not entail aloss of personal worth or identity.

Lists turn character into legalism. ISn;t that what Christ was all about combating?


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