Friday, May 08, 2015


When, and When Not To Nap

Mark Roberts:
I expect that Paul includes this hymn fragment here, not only to underscore the redemptive purpose of exposing, but also to encourage us not to fall asleep as we are shining. Indeed, we have already awakened and risen from the dead when we received God's grace through faith in Christ. Christ has already shined on us so that we might be transformed into "light in the Lord." But, there are times when we may begin to slip back into the darkness from where we have come. Though we have been raised with Christ, we can easily become drowsy, lulled into a kind of sleepy darkness. We stop shining with the light of Christ, leaving our part of the world in darkness and our neighbors without redemptive illumination.
I get so tired. It can be so easy to withdraw, even be surly. This sounds like we are never to grow weary.

And yet there is that whole Isaiah passage about "wings of eagles." It says all I have to do is "wait upon the Lord." But waiting puts me to sleep, how do I reconcile? It must be some sort of waiting that is not so inactive somehow? Or is the waiting itself how I "shine?" Can it be that by relying on God, I make a difference?


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