Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Why Is This Not Preached More?

Mark Roberts:
This scene, [ed: The Tranfiguration] shrouded in mystery, reveals something of the divine nature of Jesus. He was certainly much more than a human messiah, that’s for sure. But the presence of Moses and Elijah also reminds us of something that is crucially important about Jesus, and sometimes overlooked or even denied by Christians. Here it is. We will only rightly understand Jesus in light of the Old Testament. The Old Testament law, represented by Moses, and the Old Testament prophecies, represented by Elijah, point to and are fulfilled in Jesus. They help us to understand him, to honor him, to receive his salvation, and to live as his disciples.
I wonder - is it really that mysterious and hard to understand or are we just to pig-headed to listen? I means seriously - Robers explains things pretty well here in a few short paragraphs and yet pastors everywhere will not preach from the Old Testament and I have not heard a sermon on the Transfiguration in decades. I was actually chastised once for attempting to talk about it. They claim it is over the audiences head or turns them of or....

And yet, I cannot help but wonder if it were well preached, thoughtfully explained, and people were lead instead of pandered to we might not get somewhere on this front. It is absolutely necessary to understand the full nature of Christ if one is to be a complete and thoughtful Christian, and yet we steadfastly refuse to discuss a large aspect of His nature. It's a failure, pure and simple.

I am tired of the church failing. I do not say this from a position of lacking failure, I'm real good at it. It's not our failures that define us, it is how we handle them. I think the church needs to work on that.


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