Thursday, June 18, 2015


Happy and Good

Marshall Segal - "Four Habits of a Happy Heart" - summarizing:

The Weeping

The Welcome

The Waiting

The Worship

Good advice, all of it, but why does it make for a "happy" heart? We are hardly "happy" when we are weeping. Sure we can play games with the definition of happiness or we can talk about long term versus short term - or maybe we just threw in that word to motivate people to read what they otherwise would not read?

These are good habits to have. That should be all that is needed to say - good. But good isn't always happy; Christ on the cross was as good as it gets in human history, but there was nothing happy about it. It was something Jesus did because, and simply because it was good. Shouldn't that be enough?

But more, when we throw in an appeal to something that may or may not result, are we really honoring God? Isn't it a bit of a lie? And then people get disillusioned, and well, then where is the church? Christ reminded us to "take up our cross," is that happy? I don't think so, but it is very, very good. That's enough.


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