Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Just Management Advice

Ron Edmunson, "3 Things Creatives Need to Flourish":
1. Clear lines of direction. A clear vision. The box drawn around a certain end goal or objective.

2. The freedom to draw within the lines. (There’s the freedom creatives love.) Limited micromanagement. Maximum empowerment. The freedom to fail. The freedom to dream. All within the broad — very broad — but defined boundaries.

3. Accountability along the way. Someone to check in with them periodically. Motivate them. Give them encouragement. Let them know they are making progress — that they are doing good work.
PUH-LEAZE! Anybody in any organization needs those things - why are they reserved for "Creatives?" And what the heck is a "creative" anyway? Sometimes we seem to over think things just a bit too much.

And that is a huge problem when it comes to church. We keep inventing new categories and looking for new things when maybe, just maybe, the secret is to learn how to do the classic stuff better.


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