Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Leadership By Example

Ed Stetzer:
If we want evangelistic people, we must model that as leaders. You can’t lead what you won’t live.

Many Christians love evangelism as long as somebody else is doing it. It’s kind of a recurring theme that people want to talk about it or even bemoan the lack of evangelism, but they themselves, are unengaged in the activity. I believe that the vast majority of people have probably never shared their faith and called on someone to trust and follow Christ. And the numbers support that may be the case.
So true, so true. But this also applies on a meta-level. If we want people to be mature Christians we have to model it. Christianity is really designed to be a mentoring system, not a large programatic one.

Here's an example. I am typing this on a brand new computer - it look and behaves like a tablet, but it is a fully functional computer. I refused to believe the commercials, I have seen excessive claims so many time. I assumed hyperbole. It wasn't until I laid my hands on one and got to interact with it, that IO began to think this thing was worth the cash.

That's true with most things that make really fantastic claims. We need more than the claim. So, if you are promising me abundant life, I need to see abundant life. Pretty simply. IF evangelism and maturity are not happening, it's because the evidence is not there.


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