Friday, June 26, 2015


More Than SIdes

Wichita book review on the book "“Evangelical Versus Liturgical? Defying a Dichotomy” by Melanie C. Ross:
Her aim isn’t to declare a winner and a loser; neither rite is wrong, she says. Instead, she contends that both sides have something to learn and to gain from the other.
I used to think that, but now I wonder. For it to be true people have to be willing to separate God from music, the action of the Holy Spirit from the absence of liturgy and political labels from differing church experiences. In other words, people have to think about church rather than just consume and react to it.

That would require those that lead church to "do" church in a very different way. It would require them to seek to build disciples, not merely provide a product for consumption. It would require them to be content with a few committed followers. It would be risky. It would require deep and abiding faith.

People that can make these intellectual separations we are discussing are made, they do not arise spontaneously. The church has to make them in order to be populated with them. At a minimum that making activity has to be the heart of the church under all the glitz and glamor and show business of the Sunday service. Yet most churches seem to get so involved in making SUnday happen they forget the rest of the week.

And I wonder if Christ is not weeping somewhere.


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