Thursday, June 11, 2015


No and No Again

Ann Voskamp asks:
Does Jesus Need You to Make Him Famous?
The title to this post pretty well sums up her answer, and I agree with it. She concludes:
Could be that those people who’ve been saved by one ringing hammer and some bent nails and two beams of wood carrying the exploding heart of a willing servant might not know much about building something as flimsy as a platform—and a whole lot more about building a Kingdom.
I do have to say, I have a problem with her choice of the word "Kingdom." That's the word Jesus used, but He used it in specific contrast to the kingdoms of His time. Jesus should rule media, but in way that contrasts with those that currently rule media as much as His Kingdom contrasts with the kingdoms of His day.

We, as Christians, should not shun media, we should tame it. It is a thing that defines kings instead of a tool of kings. It should be our tool.


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