Monday, June 01, 2015


Spirituality and Religion

Mark Daniels on "spiritual not religious"
:I believe that Jesus Christ founded His Church as a community for those who follow Him not only to be comforted and reassured, but also challenged and set straight.
He quotes another author who said:
Where life with God gets rich and provocative is when you dig deeply into a tradition that you did not invent all for yourself.
And with that word "yourself," it hit me. "Spiritual, but not religious is the ultimate narcissistic expression. It is entirely about self because in the course of it, you not only avoid accountability to church, you can invent a God that does not hold you accountable either. It's not even monastic, it's self- absorbed.

And yet, I do not blame people for making such claims. We have built churches without accountability to the point that it simply looks corrupt - why bother. We have exercised accountability without grace - why bother. The answer to this issue is NOT better messaging of some other communication technique. The answer to this issue is for those of us that love the church and still hold her dear to be better, much, much better at being what the church is really and genuinely supposed to be. Then they'll be a reason to bother.


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