Thursday, July 09, 2015


Good Idea? Bad Idea?

Laura Turner writing in CT looks at an ancient personality inventory that seeks to uncover our sinful nature:
The Enneagram is an ancient personality typology, understanding people through the lens of their passions and their temptations.
I tend to hate personality inventories, but then I'm a guy and this is a women's column at CT. Normally, I would have moved on, but this paragraph is a big deal:
This is where the Enneagram differs from all the other strengths-oriented personality indicators out there. The fact that it is rooted in a fundamentally dark view of humanity—that we are sinning people who are inclined to sin in specific ways—isn’t exactly a cheerful view.
In the world of Evangelicalism where the gospel is entirely happy-clappy, love one another, good news this thing is likely to go over like a lead balloon. But it may be just the ticket.

I am nowhere near Catholic enough to think that we need a deep inventory of our specific sins, but I do think a personality inventory that emphasizes the fact that we are sinners is a grand idea.

So, the question is how do we use such a tool? It is in that that this thing as a good idea or a bad idea will be determined.

I am not too sure, but technically, this piece is a book review. Maybe handing the book out is a good place to start.


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