Tuesday, July 28, 2015


How Do You Pray?

Jeff Brumley @ Baptist News Global:
A new poll has revealed something religious leaders have known for years: Americans are pretty self-centered when they pray.

And even when not praying for themselves, they are praying for family, friends and favorite teams — which, pastors say, often amounts to the same thing.
The article goes on to interview Baptist preachers that give some pretty old and hackneyed "solutions" to this problem. But the problem isn't prayer, it is much deeper.

We live in a world that is about fulfilling felt needs. The church, rather than teaching that there is more to life than the satisfaction of felt needs has catered to the trend in order to "remain relevant" and "succeed." This trend in prayer is just one symptom of the bigger issue. When church is reduced to salvation, what else do you expect?

The church has ceased to move people towards maturity. The "solutions" cited in this article are things I discussed in the 1970's in classes for new Christians. They do not move one towards maturity, they simple get one started.

But then to teach more we have to know more and have put it to use. Hmmmm...


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