Friday, July 31, 2015


Perfpheral Vision

Preston Yancey:
I tend to see God most when I don’t try to look directly at God. If I overthink an activity as being spiritual, I miss the ways in which God was already at work in it. But if I go about it with a kind of open expectation that because the Holy Spirit dwells within me God will be present, I find God surprising me with the ways God saturates a space, a practice, a habit as ordinary as planning a week’s meals.
God is not a blunt instrument. He is subtle and gentle and pervasive, not overwhelming and bombastic.

God will not change the world through big things, but little. He is not all that interested in movements, governments and philosophies of same. He is far more interested in the individuals governing and how they do it. And it's not the big decisions they make but rather the grace with which they make them. Good people, God's people can amke those things work regardless of the particular system.

Sure God cares if you are an engineer or an artist, but He cares far more that you a good, godly engineer, or that you are a good, godly artist. It is not what we do, but how we do it.

Good does not invade, He creeps in from the periphery until He colors and shapes everything. That which is conquered rebels, that which is transformed embraces the transformation. God wants to transform us.


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