Wednesday, July 22, 2015


What is Missed?

Anne Helen Petersen writes about "Missing Church, Not Religion". It's a book review, but I found it remarkable. A pull quote is hard, you need to read this thing whole. Please do so. After you have done that a few time you need to ask yourself some questions.
  • How could a person bifurcate church and religion in this fashion?
  • Does that say something about how we "do" church?
  • Or, does it say something about who we are in the church?
  • She misses the "smells and bells," not so much the praise chorus and good times. What endures?
  • Is the problem the smells and bells or is it how WE stripped them of meaning?
I could go on, but I found this a remarkable insight into much of what is wrong with the church these days.


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