Tuesday, August 25, 2015



CT interviews Eric Metaxis on his latest book:
You say you are writing to both believers and non-believers. What do you hope these two audiences will come away with?

I want to challenge and inspire both. A believer should say, I am not enough in awe of God. Every breath genuinely is a gift. That’s not a cliché; that’s something I need to think about because science helps us understand how real that is. The way God designed the universe is a staggering thing, and I ought to be in awe. I ought to be praising God for this more than I probably am. And the same thing with the miracle stories I tell in the book. A believer should think, wow, I don’t know if I buy every one if these, but gee whiz, look at the welter of evidence just from people that Eric knows. I need to think about this. Maybe I ought to pray that God would speak to me in this way.
"Awesome" is one of the most overused words in worship today and yet I truly wonder if we understand what it really means. Are you "staggered" by your awe of God?

If not, it might be time for a rethink of your use of that word.


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