Friday, August 28, 2015



Mark Roberts looks at Ephesians, headship and marriage and concludes that the metaphor is about unity, not authority. Interesting take, but not definitive. Indeed, unity is a part of the idea presented here. Any leader is a part of the organization being led. Perhaps this concept is deemphasized in many take son these passages.

But every time I approach this subject, I walk away thinking of the responsibility of headship, no the authority or the power. Roberts says this in the set-up to his brief discussion, emphasis added:We noted that Ephesians 5 associates headship with the sacrificial love of Christ, as well as with his nurture and care for the church, the body of which he is the head. When one leads something, and being the head is certainly about leading - our head leads the rest of our body - it means that person is responsible, wholly and completely, for the health and well-being of the entire enterprise. That carries authority with it, but far more it carries responsibility - which in Christ's case meant sacrifice of His very Lordship.

These passages are about leadership in the church and in a marriage. Leadership is a practical need, it is not a measure of worth. Doing away with it, or avoiding the subject creates chaos. There have been massive problems historically with leadership, but that does not mean doing away with it, or softening it is the issue. The issue is bad leaders - leaders that do not understand it is a sacrificial role, not a reward, award or measure of worth.


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