Wednesday, August 26, 2015



So here is a list of comic books on religion. Some I've rad, some I haven't. Some are a reach and some are just silly. But there are two points to make of this.

One. Comic books are serious literature. Yes, there are a huge number of insipid, silly, pulp comic books, but the same thing is true for novels. For every Moby Dick there are hundred of Harlequin romance novels. Get over it - there is good stuff out there. This, by the way, includes the super-hero genre, which I think it can be argued comprise the great American epic.

Two. Because comics largely reflect pop culture, much of this is anti-religious. Just once in my life I wish someone who is not religious would take religion on its own terms. But then, of course, those that do end up religious. Oops.


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