Friday, August 07, 2015



Jeff Brumley:
For years now, some agencies and experts who coach church planters and struggling congregations have tried to steer over-eager or desperate clients away from the quick fix of sizzling worship services or other gimmicks to draw big crowds.

Instead, they attempt to lead ministers to the very time consuming process of reviving or building churches that nurture disciples and serve surrounding neighborhoods, congregational coaches like George Bullard say.

“You have to work with people in an adult discipleship process,” said Bullard, president of the South Carolina-based Columbia Partnership and general secretary of the North American Baptist Fellowship. “You can’t expect to wow them with a worship service.”
They go on to talk about how it is important to understand that "a crowd is not a church" - agreed. The title of this article is "No magic bullet for church survival, Rick Warren and other Baptists say" which inspires me to add the following quip.

The church should not survive, it should thrive.


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