Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Young People and Church

USA Today write about how to attract young people to church. Two basic ideas: 1) Treat them like adults, and 2) Give them "genuine" community. I'd like to rephrase that just a bit - "Conform the church to what they think the church ought to be."

Now, I will not deny the fact that community is part of what a church should be, but I also will not deny that part of being an adult is that you experience community in very different ways then you did as a youth. I also will not deny that granting responsibility is part of teaching people how to grow up, and they may be of majority age, but I know for sure I am far more of an adult at 57 than I was at 27. There are limits.

Young people today seem to be in a great hurry to enjoy all the benefits of older adulthood. I know I was. But there were people that gently said "No" to me. That sought to shape and refine me into full adulthood. I cannot help but think that if we older folks reached out to kids with that kind of care and concern, in real love and affection. They'd show up at church.


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