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Christian Post:
Millennials gravitate toward classic, quiet church spaces that feel authentic and provide a break from the busyness of a fast-paced, technological world, revealed a study commissioned by church architectural firms.

Online surveys administered to 843 young adults ages 18 to 29 by Christian research firm Barna Group and Cornerstone Knowledge Network, the market research organization created by church design firms Aspen Group and Cogun, found 67 percent chose the word "classic" to describe their ideal church. By contrast, 33 percent prefer a trendy church as their ideal.

"They don't want something created artificially for them; they don't want a bait and switch. What they want is something deeper and more authentic," Aspen Group AIA Architect Derek Degroot said of the survey results.
[emphasis added]
One of the things about "making church accessible" by making it conform to certain cultural trends is that the church is by nature, not trendy - The church is eternal. Trends last sometimes for months. Heck in the online world a trend can last for mere hours. The church has endured for thousands of years. Making things too accessible denies the eternal nature of the church and results in the "bait and switch" emphasized in the quote above.

We have been told to let our "yes be yes and no be no;" I wonder if we are doing that if everything from our music choices to our architecture is and exercise in bait and switch? Moreover, what happens when we pay so much attention to what is trendy, so we can be trendy that w forget we are eternal.

There is one though I can never escape when it comes to church. To be eternal, the church has to somehow be attractive apart from culture and trends and circumstance. If ti is not, I think the question is not about trends and culture, but about what it is about being eternal that we have not tapped into.


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