Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Creating God

Christine Sine looks at studies "revealing" that God is just a function of neurochemistry and wonders:
Why I wonder do we people of faith believe in a god of love, compassion and peace when there is so much hate and violence in our world? Is it because we long for something different or is it because the intrinsic nature of humanity is the nature of God – even though we have rebelled, polluted and ignored it?
She has one heck of an apologetic point there. The whole brain chemistry argument must assume that God did not create the brain that way in order for it to argue against God. But what I found interesting was the title of her post: Do We Create God?

You see, so often I think we do. We start with the God of the Bible, but then we latch on to some aspect that we like and suddenly God is all about that aspect. We create for ourselves a partial image of God and we call it all of God. This is the root of the commandment not to make images. God is bigger than anything we can create, from statuary, to written concept. We all create God, if for no other reason than we are incapable of grasping all that is God.

That is why daily, even hourly, we have to acknowledge our incapability. We must remind ourselves that what ever we think of God, it is incomplete. We must know that whatever we know, it is not all there is to be known. Whatever image of God we carry in our heads, we have to tell ourselves is incomplete and under constant revision. We will never get it right.


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