Friday, September 25, 2015


Understadning Moral Thinking or Splitting Adjectives

Justin Taylor summarizes distinctions drawn by William Lane Craig on descriptors attached to the word "morality." In the world of debate and writing, this is important stuff. But most people don't "live there." Most people live in a world where they just want to get through the day. They have to b reached on a much more visceral level.

The more I think about trying to return ourselves to an objective morality, the more I think we accomplish it by simply insisting on it first in our daily lies and then in our church lives. In our personal lives it's easy. We just hold ourselves to a high standard. IN church it is much trickier. We have to hold others to a standard, but we have to learn how to do so with grace and winsomeness. In order to do that it is back to holding ourselves accountable.

The argument should be one of effectiveness, not discussion. Demonstration, not argumentation.


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