Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Why We Cannot Cloister

Robert Tracinski:
But this year, I discovered that while I might not be interested in the culture war, the culture war is interested in me. It’s interested in all of us.

This is the year when we were served noticed that we won’t be allowed to stand on the sidelines, because we will not be allowed to think differently from the left.
As an atheist he then goes on to describe situation after situation where freedom is being squelched. My favorite:
In the one real comment I had been prevailed upon to make about gay marriage in the past—so long ago that I can’t even give you a Web link for it—I explained my ambivalence by citing my concern that the left was using the issue to secure the imprimatur of the state for homosexual relationships so they could then use anti-discrimination laws as a bludgeon against religious holdouts.
I wonder how many of us understand this? And how many of us understand that if they succeed, they will not steop there, they will use this approach as a template until religion is simply gone. (Or so they think, no one has ever been able to squelch it, really.)

Now I suppose we could all sit around and discuss how this time of trail and tribulation will cleanse the church and make her stronger. And God being God, I suspect if things get that far that is exactly what will happen. BUt do you honestly think God wants us to sit by and let it happen? Think of all the souls that will be lost that might have been found had we fought harder. Do you honestly think God does not want us fighting for them?

If so you worship a much crueler God than I.


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