Monday, October 26, 2015


Beyond The Consumer Model

Chelsen Vicari interview Brian Lee, a pastor in D>C. Said Lee:
We had a young post-college 24-year old girl whose brother was a member of our church. She moved to D.C. after graduation and worshiped with us a couple times and then suddenly disappeared. I believe she visited a number of other churches because she was put off by our liturgical dynamic. It wasn’t her background. Things that aren’t familiar can take a learning curve. Then gradually she started ducking back into our services. I sat down to have coffee with her and she said, “It just clicked that everything you do, you do for a reason. The reason isn’t just to get people in the door. The reason is not to attract a crowd. There is a well thought-out rationale and purpose.”
Background: Lee pastors church that he plated that practices traditional Reformed liturgy in its worship.

I am sure that the marketers will analyze this in the standard niche marketing terms. But I wonder, 50 or 100 years from now, what churches will have had the greatest lasting impact? I love that line, "There is a well thought-out and rationale and purpose." What is going to last?

I think the church has largely given up strategic thinking for tactical thinking. We keep trying to win battles and we are losing the war. If nothing else, when we give up our liturgical culture we hand ourselves over to the popular culture and when we do so, something really awful happens. Soon the church begins to consider thing that scripture plainly says are wrong as normal. And then where are we?

I mourn for the church right now.


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