Friday, October 16, 2015


Imposing Our Agenda

Alissa Wilkinson in CT looks at God, film and 2014 and says:
We talked about God a lot this year in pop culture, but not the same way.
In other words, we tried to define God rather than discover God. It is truly an amazing time we live in - we really do seem to think we can create reality instead of understand it. Pop culture is one thing, but I know a lot of people anymore than simply deny the reality around them - congregations that pretend their denominations have not slipped off the foundations, or people that listen to you say something but hear something altogether different. It seems almost pathological to me.

One of the things I think Christian faith should do in our lives is make us see reality. It starts with the reality of our own sin. Christ reveals the reality of our own corruption to us. Sometimes haltingly, sometimes painfully, but always in love and only as much as we can take. When we attempt to define our own realities, we move away from God, we deny that which is He trying to reveal to us.

Be creative, but be creative within the boundaries of reality.


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