Friday, October 02, 2015


Set It All Aside

Mark Daniels links to Daily Bread on the miracle that is the incarnation:
Consider the awe we should feel for the incarnation. Jesus, who enjoyed the majesty of heaven in partnership with the Father, set it all aside to be born in poverty, to face many dangers, and to be crucified for us. Coming out of Egypt is one thing, but leaving heaven for us—that’s the grand and amazing part of this story!
The title of this post is what I see as the key phrase in that whole thing. God did not merely take up human form, He set aside His Lordship to do so. (Yeah, yeah, I know dual nature, trinitarian mysteries, etc. - not the point.) God becoming man is not like He put on a suit or something, it was a big deal. I don;t think I can ever understand it, but I have to know it was a big deal, a really big deal.


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