Wednesday, October 28, 2015


True Trust

Dave Peterson:
A fire near our home consumed a large warehouse. The next day, on the edge of the road, beside the smoldering ruins, a note scrawled in green chalk on a charred piece of wood declared, “WE’RE STILL OPEN!”

Hear Jesus saying, “Let it go! Whatever it is that binds you in pleasure or sorrow, let me have it and I’ll show you my glorious kingdom.” Whatever you gain or lose, stay open to Jesus, and you will be blessed.
I read that and I understand what he is driving at, but there is a difference between "letting it go" and cock-eyes optimism. I have seen too many churches do "faith budgets" only to end up in bankruptcy to think otherwise. Indeed, we are not to hold tightly to the things of this world, but at the same time, we cannot presume on God's grace to supply an abundance of material resources.

True trust has to it an elements of humility. You trust God to give you what you need, but you do not presume it. True trust involves an element of risk. Without risk, there is no actual trust, no element of faith involved. God wants our total dependence, like a child - not like a adult. If you violate trust with an adult, the adult moves on, but if you violate trust with a child, the child simply turns back to you and asks again - they have no where else to turn.

If you have somewhere else to turn, you are doing it wrong.


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