Monday, October 19, 2015


What To Do, What To Do

Christian Post carries a piece on conservatives choosing to remain within the PC(USA):
The Fellowship Community is a biblically orthodox group within PCUSA. Detterman told The Christian Post in a recent interview that he and his organization are staying with the PCUSA because "it is a matter of call and of mission."

"We are uniquely equipped to reach out to others in and through the PC(USA) because we know the territory well," said Detterman.

"To leave would be to give up on an entire group of people. Some have been called to move on; we have not."
This one is such a tough call. Is it better to minister to from within or from without? But this fight has gone so long and the church has so often refused to hear. Even Christ has commanded his disciples to move on at some point (Luke 10:1-12)

My decision has been made. My wife and I are leaving PC(USA) but we are doing so part of a church and following process, to honor that which is good about PC(USA). I hope everyone that loves Jesus will come with us, but common sense says that will not happen.

Sometimes you can prevent the pain. Sometimes you walk with someone through the pain. Sometimes you are there to hold onto them as after the pain. Sometimes you catch them when they fall. That's what I think we have to do here.


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